Parts, Parts, Parts…

OK – so the idea of this blog was to post each time a new part arrived and got bolted onto the frame…I’ve slacked on the postings, so here’s a bunch of parts rolled into one post.  In true spirit of  the blog premise, I’m going to mention each and every part.  Here we go.

Seatpost Collar / Clamp: The frame did not come with a seatpost collar. Niner understands that consumers purchasing a frame only are likely building up a custom bike and will weigh out the options for each part. I scoured the internet and found this gem of a seat collar…the Woodman Death Grip SL Ti.

It wasn’t JUST the light weight aspect that drew me to it, although weighing in at a mere 9.5 grams definitely helped. It was the elegant look…very minimal and slick that made me decide to pull the trigger on it. Take a look, I think you’ll agree:

Bottle Cages: I wanted something classic and simple for the bottle cages…ended up finding these puppies, Topeak Shuttle Cage SL. Stainless steel tubes and just 42 grams each.

Headset: Syncros FL Hardcore.  Sealed Enduro custom cartridge bearings, alloy cups and a killer/classic Syncros look.

Here’s a shot so far:

Gotta Stop!  Brakes: I’m pimping this bike out with TRP’s Dash Carbon Disc brakes in pimpy white. I’ll be running 160mm rotors, carbon fiber (adjustable) levers and forged one-piece alloy calipers with these guys. The adjustable levers are pretty sick – “no tool” adjustments, that can be made on the fly…lever reach and brake power. Check these out:

Bars: I’ve put on our Syncros FL Carbon Flat Bar. 660mm wide, 5 degree sweep and just 145 grams it just feels like the perfect bar for this ride.

So, here it is at it’s current state (w/ placeholder stem) – more parts arriving this coming week, including the Surly Singleator…yep, that can only mean ONE thing…