My Niner

What’s this blog about?  I’m about to begin building a Niner Air 9, but so far all I have on order is the frame itself. I plan on acquiring all the rest of the parts over time.  Why not blog about the progress…it will help me speed up the process of purchasing the parts and get me on the trails that much faster.

Here’s the beauty shot of the frame:

About me?  I began mountain biking back in 1995. Hopped on my first road bike in 1997.  Dabbled with both for a while until slowly migrating to just road biking, where I’ve worked my way up the ranks of road racing (I love crits). I work for Ritchey / Syncros, made a trip out to The Downieville Classic this year, borrowed a co-worker’s mountain bike and relived my days riding on dirt.  I fell back in love with the sport instantly…which is why I’m now building myself a 29er. Needless to say, I’ll be building this up with some killer new Syncros parts as we go.

I can’t wait for my first ride.

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