Done and Riding!

I finished up the build early last week and have been out for 2 rides so far. The bike is awesome and I’m stoked to be back out riding trails.

I still have a few tweaks to go, but here’s how the Niner Air 9 is built right now.

Wheels: Brand spankin’ new Syncros FL DS25 29er Wheels (White Grunge). We took our existing FL DS25 26″ rim and designed it out to a 29″ rim. It maintains the same True Track Technology that has made Syncros rims so sought after. They are tubeless ready, 100% hand built and the hubs zing along with an Enduro double row angular bearing system. We’re looking at 1878 grams for the set.

Cranks: SRAM XO 2×10. As touched upon in my last post, I’m setting this bike up as a single speed rigid 29er.  This is temporary…I’m plan to have fun with it as a “mobile gym” over the winter and then probably around late spring start transforming it to a 2×10 geared machine with a front fork. Therefore crank choice had to be well thought out and I ended up with the SRAM XO 2×10 as that is the drivetrain I’ll kit this out with come spring.  Pulled off the inner chainring and have it up and running on the outer 42t ring.  (Here’s one of the tweaks coming up…I have a XX 39t ring on the way…the 42t is doable for now, but I hate to admit…it’s just a bit too big when paired with a 21t cog)

Rear Cog(s): I have several in my hands…Surly 21t and 22t (21t on the first ride, 22t on now).  Niner 19t and 20t…I’ll play around with all of these once I get the XX 39t ring…for now, I’m sticking to the 22t

Chain Tensioner: Necessary since the frame was not made to be SS (has vertical dropouts and a derailleur hanger).  I went with the Surly Singulator.  Cool looking and comes with 2 spring options – one to push the chain downward and the other to push upward.  I set it up so that the spring pushes it upward…better chain/cog connection and it is also better tucked away (out of the way of sticks/branches.)

Tires: Hand-me-down Bontrager’s from a fellow employee who’s been an advocate for 29ers for quite some time (early adopter)

Grips: Syncros Dual Locking.  Stable, comfy, low-profile and, well…Syncros.

Pedals: Syncros AM Traverse Pedals. All the bells and whistles you find on pedals within a simple design. Adjustable spring tension, mud-shedding design and a nylon+carbon fiber body.

Stem: Another area for a tweak.  Right now I’m running a Ritchey WCS 4-Axis 44 Stem (84D/120mm).  I had it laying around and an not sure what size I will need to order…working great for now.  I plan to change this to a Syncros FL Carbon Stem to complete my FL Carbon Cockpit – looks SICK!