Put a fork in me? I’m not nearly done.

Next up:  Syncros FL Carbon Rigid 29er Fork.

This bad boy is a carbon fiber masterpiece. The crown and steerer are 1-piece monocoque, fork blades, drop-outs and disc tabs are all carbon fiber, making this a 100% carbon fiber fork. With the uncut 300mm steerer this fork weighs in at a scant 580g. The Matte Black UD Carbon finish keeps it stealthy and just plain badass.

The Niner Air 9 has a very small head tube, so I’ll end up shaving even more weight off of this fork once I cut it down to size.  I’ll post the final weight once that process is complete.

The bike is currently chilling out in my cube as pictured above…looks like a jump bike in the making so far.