Put a fork in me? I’m not nearly done.

Next up:  Syncros FL Carbon Rigid 29er Fork.

This bad boy is a carbon fiber masterpiece. The crown and steerer are 1-piece monocoque, fork blades, drop-outs and disc tabs are all carbon fiber, making this a 100% carbon fiber fork. With the uncut 300mm steerer this fork weighs in at a scant 580g. The Matte Black UD Carbon finish keeps it stealthy and just plain badass.

The Niner Air 9 has a very small head tube, so I’ll end up shaving even more weight off of this fork once I cut it down to size.  I’ll post the final weight once that process is complete.

The bike is currently chilling out in my cube as pictured above…looks like a jump bike in the making so far.


And We’re Off!

So the Niner Air 9 has proven to be a high-demand product. After what seemed to be forever, my Niner Air 9 arrived today. My project of building this bike one piece at a time is now a reality. My only fear is not building it one piece at a time due to the excitement and anticipation of hitting the trails.

Here goes my attempt and beginning of the build.

First up is one of my favorite Syncros products; The Syncros FL Carbon Saddle.

This beauty weighs in at just 180 grams, with carbon rails, a nylon/carbon shell and a very durable micro fiber cover.

What’s in store for the rest of this bike you might ask? Of course, I’m going to make this Niner scream Syncros, which will be very cool when complete. The drive train is still undecided, but likely one of the 2×10 systems out there right now. I’m running a Rotor 3D crankset and rings on my road bike and will definitely utilize Rotor rings on this build…likely their new 2×10 3D crankset also.

This is going to be a fun project – Stay tuned…